Apple sized NIR spectrometer

Mobile NIR handheld scanner
New sensor technology allows compact,
cost-effective construction & simple operation.

Near-infrared sensor technology is our world. Fast, precise and no contact:​

NIR sensor technology has therefore established itself in many areas. Virtually all sorting systems for plastics work with NIR to identify them quickly and correctly.

But the technology is not only used in the plastics industry:

  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Agricultural technology

We offer compact, mobile NIR hardware for solid and liquid substances. In addition to our own products, we offer the intuitive NIR solution from trinamiX.

The software suite for our own solutions, offers analysis methods, some of which they can also use independently, for example to teach in their own references.

If you need more complex data models for processing your tasks, we can develop individual models for you by digging deep into our software toolbox.

In addition, we offer the development of individual systems for in-line and at-line use. We use different NIR, MIR & VIS HSI (hyperspectral) camera technology.

With our concept, you can examine the basic feasibility of your task with our compact spectrometer quickly and cost-effectively. If necessary, we will design individual solutions for you. With this step-by-step approach, you significantly reduce your investment and development risk.

This concept of different hardware and adaptable software is perfect for entering the world of NIR.

Simplify your processes now!