Apple sized NIR spectrometer


Mobile NIR handheld scanner

New sensor technology allows compact,
cost-effective construction & simple operation.

trinamiX NIR solution


Mobile NIR solution from trinamiX

Gain new insights within seconds. Intuitive and modern user interface.
Tried and tested solution for standard plastics, PA6/66 & PP/PE.

NIR spectrometer for liquids


Compact NIR scanner for liquids

New sensor technology allows compact,
cost-effective construction & simple operation.

The world is changing. Today more than ever. Many certainties are being questioned. Often we ask ourselves: Is this really the best idea?

What has never been a good idea is to waste resources. No matter if they are used only once, misused or downcycled.

With our expertise, we are contributing to making the world a little better and implementing the EU Green Deal.

We offer our expertise in various forms as services and technical solutions, primarily for the recycling of plastics, but also for other areas.

We offer solutions based on NIR and VIS technology, from very small to very large. Solutions that can be used not only in the field of plastics, but also in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors.

Specifically we offer

  • handy scanners for the identification of plastics,
  • services for the automatic analysis of plastic regrinds and
  • customised HSI solutions for industry.

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Our Solutions

Plastics Analysis


Plastic Regrind Analysis

HSI NIR and VIS Systems

for Laboratories

Interesting facts about NIR & application examples for mobile NIR spectrometers

Chemometrics software

Chemometrics software

Chemometric software is essential for analytical chemists and practitioners. LDA, PCA and others are used for classification models and critical material attribute detection in raw materials.
It is used in agriculture, chemistry and product manufacturing.

Solutions to identify black plastic

Solutions to identify black plastic

NIR is a widely used technology in recycling for the identification of plastics. As it cannot detect black plastic, this article shows various devices that can identify black plastic.

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