Compact NIR spectrometers as mini-laboratories

Compact NIR spectrometers as mini-laboratories

We offer various NIR spectrometers that all follow the same premises:

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Latest sensor technology
  • Low investment


But only with our software suite do they become little all-rounders, perfect as minilabs:


  • Recorder: Simply create NIR spectra of your samples in the open JDX data format. Share it with partners. Process the spectral data with other programmes.
  • Player: Applications for a wide range of tasks. Use our standard applications or let us program individual solutions for your tasks.
  • Data Manager: Analyse your data with the help of your applications, add new data to your applications.

All in all, this concept gives them a quick and easy entry into the world of the NIR.

900 nm – 1,700 nm. For solid & powdery substances.


portable nir spectrometer

900 nm – 1,700 nm. For liquid substances.


Liquid Scanner: Compact NIR spectrometer for liquids


This makes our solutions indispensable tools for

  • the fast and reliable determination of batch variations,
  • the competition analysis or
  • the sorting of production waste by type.


Typical questions are:

  • Is it substance A, B or C?
  • Is the delivered product still within the predefined range of variation?


Individual applications can also be used to solve tasks such as:

  • Determination of the content of substance A in B