Liquid Scanner – Compact NIR spectrometer for liquids

Liquid Scanner – Compact NIR spectrometer for liquids

Compact near-infrared spectrometer for liquids

New sensor technology allows compact, cost-effective design & easy operation

The easy-to-use NIR spectrometer, sized hardly larger than a postcard, is used both inside and outside laboratories, e.g. in incoming goods or production.

The Liquid Scanner explicitly dispenses with many setting options and instead offers the essential functions.

In less than 1 second, you can create a spectrum of the liquid and immediately make a statement about the type and quality. The Liquid Scanner serves as a mini-laboratory and is in many cases a simple and cost-effective solution for laboratories. Perfect for anyone who wants to enter the world of NIR spectroscopy.

How the spectrometer works. Transmissive NIR measurement.

The scanning process is started with a software button on the computer. The NIR scanner measures the liquid in a 10 mm glass cuvette in an area of approx. 3 x 3 mm. The glass cuvette is placed in the spectrometer from above through an opening. The measurement is transmissive, i.e. it is measured through the liquid. Our Solid Scanner, on the other hand, measures reflectively. The spectrum produced is an average of the chemical composition of this liquid.

In this way, different materials can be recognised and distinguished. The spectra can be saved in the open JDX file format, among others, and can thus be further processed in many programmes, e.g. Microsoft Excel, Mathlab or Spectragryph.

Single NIR spectrum 900 nm to 1700 nm. Open JDX file format.

Single NIR spectrum 900 nm to 1700 nm without smoothing.

Advantages. Perfect for mobile use.

Liquid Scanner: Kleines NIR Spektrometer für Flüssigkeiten.
  • Small, compact spectrometer for mobile use
  • Latest generation NIR detector, powerful like laboratory solutions
  • Perfect for mobile use at the office and in the field
  • Safe operation guaranteed even by non-experts without laboratory experience or training
  • Open JDX data format allows further processing of the generated spectra (with other software solutions)
  • Rapid amortisation due to low acquisition costs and short learning curve
  • 2,000 h light source lifetime for over 7,000,000 times liquids identification

Available options

The scope of delivery of the scanner includes our software solution with the software base module for generation, visualisation and storage of NIR spectra. It enables experts to identify substances by interpreting the measured spectrum. However, no expert knowledge is necessary to use the Liquid Scanner for the identification of materials.

On this technological basis, we offer the use of various applications:

  • Standard analysis
    Combining spectra into groups. Combining spectra into groups. This enables you to identify correlations in large amounts of data. You can teach in different materials, form groups and create your own application from them. A typical example of this is the inspection of incoming goods.
  • Individual applications
    If you need an individual solution for your task, we can develop almost any complex application for you.
Principal component analysis NIR spectra

The cluster analysis clearly shows similar spectra in groups. There are very homogeneous groups with little variation in the NIR signal (e.g. green group), but also groups with high variation (e.g. yellow group).


Individual NIR spectra with different reflectance, depending on the TiO2 content.

Similar spectra with different absorption. Example for incoming goods inspection.

The Liquid Scanner is the indispensable assistant for the fast and reliable determination of batch variations, the initial assessment of damage cases, competition analysis or incoming goods inspection.

  • Engineering service providers and testing service providers use the compact scanner to draw up specifications and expert reports.
  • Laboratory managers, on the other hand, appreciate the advantages for quick material analysis.
  • Quality managers and production managers, on the other hand, check process steps in samples.

Specifications Liquid Scanner

NIR scanner
Basic data
Power supply USB
Communication USB
Dimensions & weight 120 x 100 x 55 mm, 690 g
Operating system Windows & Mac. Linux upon request
NIR scanner Optical data
Wavelength 900 nm – 1.700 nm
Opt. Resolution typ. 10 nm, max. 12 nm
Wavelength Accuracy typ. ±1 nm (verified with RM-NIR), max. ±2 nm
Duration of measurement approx. 500 ms / measurement
Sample holder 10 mm glass vial
Signal-to noise ratio 5000:1 in 1 sec. scan
NIR scanner Output data
Data format spectra JDX, readable and editable with any text editor

Scope of delivery

Basic package
Hardware NIR spectrometer „Liquid Scanner“
Software User interface including visualisation (Recorder)
More options
Software module Player
Software module Data Manager
Accessories Reflectance standard / White standard
Accessories Glass vials