We focus exclusively on supporting our customers from the plastics industry with state-of-the-art measurement technology for quality assurance.


In in order to drastically increase recycling rates, it is essential to know the exact composition of regrind. This is the only way to establish stable processes and process considerably more regrind.

Our automatic regrind analysis is used where previously only small quantities of regrind were analysed by hand. Today, it enables recyclers and processors of all types of plastics to determine the exact components of the regrind precisely and reproducibly in 24/7 operation.

The high-precision colour measuring system has been developed for pure colour determination of surfaces, but also granulates. It is based on hyperspectral sensor technology and identifies the smallest colour differences on surfaces, even across several locations.

It all started with the probably smallest NIR spectrometer available for commercial use.

The mobile solution is especially appreciated in plastics recycling and laboratory applications as “Mobile Mini-Laboratory”.

In our webshop we offer various accessories for easy download, especially NIR reference data in open JDX format and flat reflectance standards made of optical PTFE.

Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme PA6 unterscheiden NIR Rohspektren
Teflonplatten 100 x 100 mm