Determination of plastics: Small, fast and intuitive & quality assurance for ground material

The world is changing. Today more than ever. Many certainties are being questioned. Often one wonders: Is this really the best idea?

What has never been a good idea is to waste resources. No matter if they are used only once, misused or downcycled. With our expertise, we want to help make the world a little better and implement the EU Green Deal.

We offer our expertise in the form of various services and technical solutions, primarily for the recycling of plastics, but not only. We offer solutions based on NIR technology, from small to large. What they all have in common is that they quickly provide deep insights into the plastics at hand.

At IFAT we present:


trinamiX’s NIR solution impresses with its thoroughly intuitive operation. Even non-experts can quickly generate knowledge and reliably determine plastics. Thanks to the connection to a central database, they always have access to the latest data.

Simple operation and permanent updating of the material database: getting started has never been easier. When to invest?

Regrind analysis

Are you looking for reliable sources of plastic regrind? Then you should rely on a standardised procedure to assess the quality of the regrind. We offer a matching service that determines the components of samples from 150 g to 2 kg.

If necessary, we can adapt our databases to your requirements, e.g. if you are looking for unusual impurities in the ground material. Talk to us at the stand about your tasks!

Let’s take responsibility together. When do you call on our expertise?

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May to 3 June 2022. Munich Trade Fair Centre.